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PHOTOS: Tammie's $12 Top

PHOTOS: Tammie's $12 Top

Pictured – Kevin Hart  (TammieHolland, Instagram)

I decided at the last minute to go to Nelly and Kevin Hart’s party Saturday night. Nothing against Nelly or Kevin, but I wasn’t planning on going. I was tired and I just wanted to chill at the crib. However, my friend called late in the evening and managed to persuade me to ride shot gun in her pick up. Oh, how I love her! Blu Bolden knows I’m a sucker for UGK in the ride and an opportunity for a good Instagram post – LOL!

Pictured – Nelly and Recording Artist Seviin Li
(TammieHolland – Instagram)

After I agreed to roll to the party it occurred to me that I didn’t have ANYTHING to wear (translation: I didn’t want to repeat an outfit). Being short on time and cash, I grabbed my keys and headed to my undercover couture spot. LOL, that’s my code name for The Resale Shop on Lindbergh in Creve Coeur.

I walked through the doors of the store singing, “I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket,” and like magic an adorable yellow top caught my eye. Voilà! In less than 10 minutes and 12 dollars later I was on my way out the door with the top!

Yellow Top – Close up  (TammieHolland - Instagram)

I dare not call the top cheap, because it wasn’t. I just paid less than nothing for it. So, when this chick spilled half of her drink on me while trying to dive for dollar bills, I didn’t trip. Unbeknownst to me I got myself caught in the crossfire of some guys making it rain with one dollar bills. Ha! No shame to my game, I picked up 12 bills from the ground and thanked the chick for taking me shopping. She looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t care.

Pictured – Left to Right, Tammie Holland, Seviin Li and Blu Bolden

Thanks for the party, Kevin and Nelly. I had fun. Call me later, B.



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