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Ex-Cincinnati Bengal fighting to save leg

Former Bengals LB Reggie Williams hoping to avoid amputation after 24 surgeries on mangled right knee. Wow. What a very well written article...

"You might remember Reggie Williams. He hopes you do, but he’s cynical about such things. “The forgotten linebacker,” he calls himself. He played 14 years and 206 games, 1976 through 1989, all for the Bengals. That’s more games than any Bengal but Ken Riley, who appeared in 207."

About his knee, "It is a special knee. It is so ugly, it’s beautiful. It’s so hideous, homeless men have seen it, and given Reggie money. TSA inspectors have stopped him in the airport security line, and asked him what he was hiding. No one could have a knee like that, and not be hiding something."

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